15th July 2016 by ERE Media


Engineering profession in Sri Lanka is overviewed by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) in accordance with its Act of Incorporation, the Act No. 17 of 1968. The IESL accredits four year and three year full time degree programmes conducted in Sri Lanka according to the criteria and policies set out by the Accreditation Board of the Institution.

Since IESL became a signatory to the Washington Accord on June 13, 2014, it has full rights of participation in the Accord. Therefore qualifications accredited or recognized by IESL are recognized by each signatory as being substantially equivalent to accredited or recognized qualifications within its own jurisdiction. The department of Earth Resources Engineering has already submitted documents for IESL accreditation so that the degrees offered by the department will have educational requirements and qualifications as specified by the accreditation manuals of IESL along with the recognition from the signatories of the Washington Accord.