31st March 2016 by ERE Media

Dr. Premasiri : Leading the way....

Dr. H.M.R. Premasiri was appointed as the new head of the department as effective from 30th March 2016. Dr. H.M.R. Premasiri is a senior lecturer of the Department of Earth Resources Engineering, University of Moratuwa. He is the General Secretary of the Institute of Geology since 2010.

Dr. H.M.R. Premasiri was the Vice President of Geological Society of Sri Lanka during 2012/13 also has given his service as Secretary for Geological Society of Sri Lanka during 2005. In addition to that he was the Editor of Geo-informatics Society of Sri Lanka during 2004. Most importantly Dr. H.M.R. Premasiri is a valuable resource person of Sri Lankan university stream. He has shared his wisdom among number of postgraduates and undergraduates not only as a lecturer in University of Moratuwa, but also as a visiting lecturer in a number of universities over the island including University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Colombo etc.

Dr. H.M.R. Premasiri is another proud graduate of University of Peradiniya under the degree of BSc (Special) Degree in Geology with the First Class honors in 1994. Afterwords he has completed his M.Phil Degree in Earth Resources Engineering from University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka in 2006. Dr. Premasiri has obtained his PhD in Geophysics from Keele University, United Kingdom in 2010. During last decade Dr Premasiri is a key contributor to the knowledge stream in Sri Lanka. Up to now he has published number of research publications and books including considerable amount of refereed publications, also currently involving in a number of ongoing researches.

The academics of the department hope to develop the department of earth of resources engineering in diverse focus areas in the stream of earth resources while uplifting infrastructure facilities under the guidance of the new leadership by the Dr. H.M.R. Premairi.