Ongoing and Recently completed Research projects


Critical evaluation of blast - induced structural damage criteria for buildings around metal quarries at Thudugala, Kaluthara

Stope productivity improvement through application of cut-and-fill mining method variant at Bogala Graphite Mines, Sri Lanka

Identification of most suitable locations for rock quarrying to supply aggregate requirements of the Colombo Port City Development Project

Identification of the most suitable location in Kaduwela area to establish a mega quarry site to supply aggregate requirements of Mega Projects in Colombo

Slope stability analysis and design of open pit mine slopes for limestone mine at Aruwakkalu, Puttlam, Sri Lanka

Mineral Processing

Removal of iron oxides in Meetiyagoda Kaolin by chemical leaching to improve whiteness

Development of a model to evaluate the settling time of mineral particles


Analysis of geological structures for road cut failures: A case study along Balangoda - Haputhale main road

Geo-technical Engineering

Soil nail wall design optimization by geotechnical applications and geophysical techniques

Effect of physical and mineralogical properties of aggregates on quality of asphalt concrete

Integration of direct and indirect techniques to optimize subsurface exploration

Ocean Resources Engineering

Long term coastal erosion and shoreline positions of Sri Lanka

Petroleum Engineering

Analyzing the relationship between skin and formation damage of an oil well (time depended)

Environmental Engineering

Geochemical aspects of serpentine bodies off Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka and their effect on human health